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Take a look at Tilde localized Cyrillic fonts! They are designed after original designs of Bitstream fonts. All fonts are available for Windows and Macintosh computers, in PostScript and TrueType formats, in all most popular code tables. TrueType Cyrillic fonts for Microsoft Windows are available both as ANSI-mapped Cyrillic (cp1251) fonts and as Unicode fonts.

By using a Unicode font in Microsoft Windows, the user can write in many Cyrillic (Russian, Byelorussian, Ukrainian...) languages and in many Latin-based Baltic (Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian), Central European and Eastern European languages. Windows Cyrillic font packs are bundled with all the corresponding Baltic and Central European TrueType and PostScript fonts, too.

Aurora Cyrillic
Balloon Cyrillic
Bell Centennial Cyrillic NEW!
Belwe Cyrillic NEW!
Bodoni Cyrillic
Bremen Cyrillic
Bitstream Cataneo Cyrillic
Caxton Cyrillic NEW!
Century Oldstyle Cyrillic
Century Schoolbook Cyrillic
Dutch 801 Cyrillic
English 111 Adagio Cyrillic NEW!
Exotic 350 Cyrillic
Futura Cyrillic
Futura Black Cyrillic
Original Garamond Cyrillic NEW!
Geometric 706 Cyrillic
Gothic 821 Cyrillic
Handel Gothic Cyrillic NEW!
Humanist 777 Cyrillic

Impress Cyrillic NEW!
Incised 901 Cyrillic NEW!
Kaufmann Cyrillic NEW!
Liberty Cyrillic NEW!
News Gothic Cyrillic NEW!
Oranda Cyrillic
Revue Cyrillic
Ribbon 131 Cyrillic NEW!
Schadow Cyrillic
Serifa Cyrillic
Square 721 Cyrillic
Staccato 555 Cyrillic NEW!
Stencil Cyrillic
Swiss 721 Cyrillic
Umbra Cyrillic NEW!
University Roman Cyrillic
VAG Rounded Cyrillic NEW!
Zapf Calligraphic 801 Cyrillic
Zapf Elliptical 711 Cyrillic
Zapf Humanist 601 Cyrillic
Zurich Cyrillic